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The Min List by Royal Fragrance first started off as an E-commerce business back in 2017 and was managed by Adlina and her family. They provide a diverse range of muslim-friendly beauty and fragrance products that are vegan, organic, or halal.


Eventually, Adlina and her family explored alternatives to expand their business by participating in flea markets and consigning their products to Royal Fragrances at 26 Bussorah Street, before deciding to establish a brick-and-mortar shop of their own in October 2019.


Adlina has always been open towards the adoption of digital initiatives, as the business itself started on an e-commerce platform. Thus, to keep up with the current trends of buying experience, she equipped her business with other digital solutions such as Grabpay and Alipay.


She intends to digitalise her business further, especially in digital marketing, and is keen to explore the options available that are best suited for her business.

As they started their business and are familiar with e-commerce, The Min List knew how to navigate their way through online sales during the circuit breaker period. The adoption of e-payment solutions also ease the transactions made between them and their customers.


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