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Taliwang restaurant was established in April 2020, where it offers diners Indonesian and South Asian cuisines. Customers are able to sample their signature dishes such as the Ayam Taliwang, and their flavour-filled Ikan Bakar.


Before the restaurant was established, the owner, Mr Eddie was learning how to prepare and provide Indonesian dishes for his wife, who is an Indonesian. After perfecting the recipe, Mr Eddie realised the rarity of finding Ayam Taliwang in Singapore, thus decided to hop on to this opportunity by starting an F&B business.

Mr Eddie knew that the world is ever-changing, and transforming his business digital enables him to meet greater demands. Thus, Mr Eddie also utilises digital platforms, such as Grabpay and Shopback to stay ahead of the competition, providing seamless transactions, and to reward customers so as to entice them to return and dine. 


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