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Le Fuse brings quality Halal Sichuan and Mala Cuisine to Singapore!

Their chefs prepare each dish with only the finest ingredients and spices to create delectable explosions of flavours and colours to delight your senses.


Founded their first outlet since 2018 located in the tranquil east side of Upper Serangoon Road and relocate at  47 Arab Street Kampong Glam.

Today Le Fuse gives you a memorable dining experience of a “Modern Oriental Tradition” ambience.

Discover the pleasures of pepper and prickly ash, excites your palate with broudbean paste. Delight in the way we couple wild vegetables and meats through a stir frying, pickling and braising technique.

A balance of a Modern-Tradition – Le Fuse’s Flavours : of Spicy, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Peppery, and Salty that will give you a tantalising burst of novel interpretation of Sichuan and Mala dishes.

Be inspired by the delicate and malleable taste of Sichuan’s famous rich, thick and heavy flavor with tasteful lightness.

They’re proud to be the only 100% Muslim owned cafe to bring you a mouth-watering array of Chongqing styled.


Le Fuse's marketing efforts are mostly done on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and also have their own website.

During the circuit breaker period, Le Fuse leveraged on the situation by adopting Getz, an online ordering system, to provide ease for customers to order food directly from the restaurant and have delivered to their homes. They also provide seamless digital transactions through the usage of Grabpay and Favepay. By tapping on to the Digital Resilience Bonus, Le Fuse was able to reduce the cost of digitalising.


Read more at Berita Harian (in malay) at

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